Top 5 Disinfection Applicators

Top 5 Disinfection Applicators

If you didn’t know we sell ZGEN, a hypochlorous acid (HOCl) generator, AKA it makes your disinfectant in a bulk, concentrated amounts.  After dilution, the disinfectant is ready to use. We like HOCl as a disinfectant because it doesn’t require PPE to apply, it’s non-toxic and you can name all the ingredients used to make it. It’s like the organic, raw food of the disinfection world.  Below we list our top 5 disinfection applicators.

  • Personal Spray Bottles – We like the little 3 oz. travel size spray bottles. They’re convenient, fit in your purse or dash or pocket, and with a few sprays you can disinfect your hands. We like to use spray bottles of disinfectant opposed to hand sanitizer because with a spray you can see where you are spraying to ensure even coverage of your hands.
  • Regular Spray Bottles – Same concept as before but instead of your hands you can use it in the same manner you would use any other cleaning/disinfecting product. We like using the spray bottles when cleaning glass; windows, tables, dividers, etc.
  • Mopping – With HOCl, getting it really, really hot is a no go (produces bad for business, dangerous gas). So, with cool to room temp water in the mop bucket, add some HOCl and away you go. Mop to your hearts content.  The plus side to HOCl is in addition to disinfecting (Hospital and food safe levels of disinfected) is it cleans really well. Colored us pleasantly surprised when it cleaned 20 year-old grout stains from the rest room.
  • Buckets – Large buckets, small buckets, all the buckets.  This is an awesome way to disinfect things like plastic toys, swim kick boards, life jackets, brushes, etc. We place some of our tools and pool gear in them. Just soak for a bit, pull and let air dry.
  • Electrostatic Foggers – Electrostatic foggers do not heat the solution, so they are perfect for HOCl.  In basic terms, the electrostatic fogger will energize the solution and the energized solution will be pulled towards negative ions (germs, bacteria, virus) and stick to them. Plus, it can mist the whole room from top to bottom. We use the sprayer daily and in our work vehicles. It’s quick and easy and you know you disinfected the area; which in today’s time of COVID, it’s a safe feeling to have.

There you have it, our top 5 disinfection applicators. If you would like to learn more about HOCl you can do so here.

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