The Value of a Deal

Who doesn’t like saving money? Especially now when times are chaotic, saving where you can just seem like the right thing to do.  But is it?  Is the value of the deal reflected in the quality of the purchase?

Everyone knows that there are things that just seem too good to be true, or you get what you pay for…cliches galore. However, the goal remains to get what you need.  When shopping products we suggest the following thoughts:

For this scenario we are using disinfectant.

  1. Is this something you need?

With SARS-COV-2 roaming our world disinfectant is necessary to meet safety and public guidelines, so yes.

2. What kinds of disinfectant are out there?

Research, research, research.  We cannot stress this enough.  When you are using and applying a product designed for safety, saving money in the short term won’t necessarily save you in the long run if you have an inferior product.  The EPA, CDC, WHO, etc. have a list of recommended products that have properties that are effective against COVID. Use the internet to learn about what would work for you and your needs, get word of mouth recommendations, talk to sources.

3. Is what I need available?

We all remember the lack of toilet paper at the beginning of the year.  Supply is low and demand is high for disinfectant products. There are all sorts of different things you can purchase in the world of disinfectant; wipes, sprays, for home, for business, for person and so forth. Being a sustainable company, we like to focus on a product that has less impact on our environment and produces less waste in things we purchase.  For this reason and because we control supply, we like hypochlorous acid generators. This technology lets us make what we need, produced it in bulk and the disinfectant it produces is non-toxic.

4. Does the product do anything else?

Part of getting a deal when looking at consumable product is efficiency(usefulness). If I am spending this money on this, what else can I do with it to get more bang for my buck?  With HOCl, you can clean while you disinfect.  You can clean more efficiently and quickly because you do not need to take the time to put on gloves, masks and other forms of PPE.  It’s safe for use on people and things, even food.  

What works for some might not work for you.  The upfront cost might be too much even though the overall cost is less long term, as the consumer you have to weigh the options available to you and your budget. But regardless of what you are buying ask if the value of the deal is worth it.

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