What Surfaces Should Be Disinfected During the Coronavirus Disease Pandemic?

There’s clean and then there’s disinfected. With the COVID-19 Pandemic, disinfection is at the forefront of priorities for public and common spaces. Surfaces should be disinfected during the Coronavirus Disease Pandemic frequently, especially in a high use area. 

Things that get touched the most by people should be disinfected. If you are unsure of what those items are there are ways to see. You can stand to the side and observe for a while, watch what people are touching the most in the room. If your facility has CCTV, you can view past footage to determine high touch objects as well. Your staff can also help with making a disinfection and cleaning checklist. They will know what is used the most in the facility/office. 

The usual high touch things in a public space are:

  • Door Handles/Knobs
  • Light Switches
  • Electronic Equipment: Phones, keyboards, mice
  • Vending Machines and Water Fountains
  • Keypads
  • Carts
  • Pens
  • Desks and Counters
  • Toilets, Faucets and Sinks

Depending on what your facility does, this list will be different. Examples, bars  and restaurants will have more glasses, cutlery, dishes, chairs, etc. to disinfect.  A gym will have exercise equipment, free weights, etc.

One of the best ways we’ve found is to fog a room using HOCl, in addition to general cleaning and disinfecting with spray bottles. 

If you need more information you can check out the CDC’s page.

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