Why Use HOCl ?

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is fast gaining traction in the world of disinfection and cleaning.  When you examine the facts, this should not come as a surprise.  HOCl, at the correct concentration, will disinfect to a Log 5 reduction, meaning it will reduce pathogens on a surface by 100,000 times vs many other widely used sanitizers that only reduce pathogens by 99.9% (Log 3) that is reducing  by 1,000 times.  Big difference!  This makes HOCl a great choice for combatting COVID-19 as it is a highly effective disinfectant.  Unlike most other disinfectant choices it is also sustainable and a much healthier option to use around people. 

HOCl is produced naturally in the human body.  It is the same substance our white blood cells produce to fight off infection.  It is non-toxic and classified as food- safe at 200 ppm, at which level it also disinfects surfaces, according to the National Institute of Health. 

Additionally, you can make it yourself with an investment in a Hypochlorous Acid Generator.  There are many available from Consumer Countertop models for home use to large industrial generator devices for Cruise ships with a number of options in between. 

The ZGEN Hypochlorous Acid Generator for example can produce anywhere from 144 gallons per day to 1750 gallons per day depending on the model.  It is easy to set up, production is automated and it is simple to operate. Anybody responsible for facility operations might be well served to take the time to examine the option of on-site HOCl manufacturing.  Not only does it effectively replace the majority of existing cleaning products as a very effective cleaning agent, but also disinfects while cleaning and when manufacturing your own on-site, it becomes very cost effective!

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