Solving Disinfection Supply Issues

Many of us have had challenges trying to access our standard disinfection products over the last several months and now we may be working on solving our disinfection supply issues going forward. When supply chains are stretched thin, solving disinfection supply issues have become quite a challenge. The obvious answer would seem to be a move towards overstocking in order to avoid the same challenges going forward but this approach tends to make the problem worse as too many people are overstocking.

Another approach is to find alternative products that are not in short supply. This can also be challenging. But there is another approach to solving disinfection supply issues and that is to have the ability to produce your own disinfection product on-site.

There are various options for this type of solution, but some have their limitations. Take Stabilized Aqueous Ozone for example. This requires the purchase of cartridges in order to produce the product. In this event, it is conceivable that if demand outstripped supply, the same problem with supply could occur.

When contemplating this problem of solving disinfection supply issues, consider the option of acquiring a hypochlorous acid (HOCl) generator. If you are familiar with salt systems for swimming pools, this is a similar idea except it’s not produced inline but in a vat.

HOCl generators have come into their own in recent years with the advent of Single Stream Technology. Many electrolyzed water systems on the market use membrane technology which can be difficult to maintain and unreliable. With Single Stream Technology, however, we now have HOCl generators which are simple to install, easy to maintain and reliable. And better yet, can produce the highly efficient disinfectant known as HOCl or NEW (Neutral Electrolyzed Water) using only water, electricity salt and vinegar. These two items (salt & vinegar) are readily available at big box stores.

Depending on which manufacturer you choose, you could not only end up solving disinfection supply issues but have a significant impact on your budget.

For example with the ZGEN HOCl Generator, which uses Single Stream Technology, it is feasible to reduce your disinfection costs to average around 22 cents per gallon. When taking this type of technology into account, solving your disinfection supply issues can really become a breeze and a boon to your bottom line!

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