ZGEN HOCl Quick Questions

What can ZGEN HOCl disinfect?

ZGEN produces HOCl, hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid can disinfect many things. Examples below:

HOCl can and is used as a part of an antimicrobial pesticide formulation for use in food contact surfaces, food-processing equipment, utensils, dairy processing equipment. The HOCl cannot exceed 200 PPM.

At higher levels HOCl can disinfect against coronaviruses, influenza, norovirus, bacillus, campylobacter, listeria, hepatitis, fungi, vibrio and more.

You can disinfect homes, park play equipment, schools, gyms, supermarkets, cruise ships, hotels, medical offices, etc.

Does HOCl work on the new variants to COVID-19?

According to the CDC and the EPA, List N Disinfectants (includes HOCl) are still effective.

How do you use ZGEN HOCl?

It can be used in a dispenser or hand sprayer as a hand sanitizer (in this case disinfectant). You can use it in spray bottles easily combat high touch surfaces. You can put it in a fine sprayer to and micro mist entire rooms. Use it in a mop bucket to clean floors. You can basically use it as a replacement in the current cleaning methods you employ. If you are spraying metals constantly it’s recommended that you wipe after spraying.

Other tidbid facts on ZGEN HOCl…

You don’t heat HOCl, so room temp or colder, allows for faster deployment.

For libraries and museums where artifacts and artwork are on display, HOCl isn’t a recommended choice for fogging. With the continuous nature of current disinfecting procedures, sensitive items need a less moist choice of disinfection.

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