Spring Cleaning with HOCl

A lot of us spend most of our time between home and work.  Your place of employment should have the cleaning and disinfecting process down.  So, let’s talk about our homes.

We’re busy, we’re tired. If the house gets dirty, it isn’t the end of the world. At our house we have a general cycle of super neat and clean on Sunday that dissolves as we work through the week. Sometimes we spice it up with a panic clean because of unexpected guests. If my husband panic cleans, I am guaranteed to find a miscellaneous bag of things stuffed in a closet further down the road.

But, deep cleaning, the kind you hear about every year, SPRING CLEANING – I’ll be honest. We’re a little too lazy for all that involves. For the last two years we have been using HOCl to wipe down the surfaces when we clean. Because why just clean when you can disinfect at the same time?! Our ‘spring cleaning’ is usually when the mood strikes.

Here are some shortcuts we do use when we get in a ‘spring cleaning’ mood.


Dog toys, children toy, kitchen gadgets – anything that is made of just plastics. We use plastics totes, buckets, or the kitchen sink, fill them with diluted HOCl (200 PPM) and toss the plastics in. We let them soak while we clean something else. If the item is especially grubby, we’ll clean them with a brush or rag while it’s sitting in the bucket. They’ll get clean and disinfected with minimal help from us.  After their soak, we let them air dry.


Windows, mirrors, glass tables, frames – we use a bucket of diluted HOCl and microfiber cloths. We use the bucket to dampen the cloth and wipe the surfaces. We like this method because spraying any solution on windows for us is like a race to catch the liquid before it drips down. With the damp cloth method, we also get to have a Karate Kid moment and wipe on, wipe off – but we just wipe on and let it air dry. We find if your rag is just damp, not wet, it doesn’t streak.

Decking and Patio

We use a pressure washer and the soap container but put in HOCl instead of soap. We have the plastic composite decking; we find adding the HOCl helps get the gunk out of the grooves and cleans it better than just water.

Flooring and Baseboards

We use a shallow tub with HOCl and a long-handled brush/broom. We’ll dip the broom and scrub the floors and baseboard and then go back over with a microfiber mop.

Usually by the time we are done with those things, we’re pretty much over ‘spring cleaning’. What do you guys do when you deep clean? Any life hacks we’re missing out on?  Let me know!

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