"The ZGEN system has been extremely easy to use and to adjust if needed. We are extremely happy with the system and the customer service!"
Todd Covert, ACA Track & Orchard Lake School District
"We use HOCl for almost everything. Fogging, cleaning bathrooms, disinfecting surfaces, and spraying down decks, mopping floors, disinfecting workout equipment and we’re using it in our hand sanitizing dispensers”
Amanda Schmahl, City of Unalaska
"The ZGEN HOCl system is great because this replaces almost all the other products we used to buy. We are saving at least $5,000 per month.”
Jason Bjornstad, Maintenance, Sand Point Aleutian East Borough School District
“Even without a pandemic- never will we go back to using more toxic (and more expensive) products. You really do have an incredible machine.The kitchen staff remarked how shiny the HOCl is keeping their stainless steel counters - I was shocked by that feedback. This product is so versatile.”
Maggie Bardauskas, Recycling Coordinator, Anchorage School District

    ZGEN Hypochlorous Acid

    ZGEN HOCl has more uses than just  disinfection (and let's face it, especially now DISINFECTION IS KING). ZGEN HOCl users are finding different things to clean using the solution.  If you would like to submit a use or before and after picture email info@zgenhocl.com.


    • Schools
    • Offices
    • Warehouses
    • Dentistry
    • Medical Offices
    • Tattoo Shops
    • Nursing Homes
    • Commercial Spaces
    • Restaurants (*Food Safe)
    • Fire Stations
    • Hotels
    • Health Clubs
    • Retail Stores
    • Public Buildings
    • Prisons
    • Vehicles
    • Factories
    What can't you do with HOCl?  We can't think of anything, it is even food safe!  It is applicable to any place that needs to be disinfected or cleaned in a safe way.  The advantage is that you disinfect while you clean.